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Fashion has power.
Fashion has a new forum.

Fashion embraces far more than merely seasonal types and forms of clothing. Fashion is also a mirror of the times, its influence evident throughout the entire history of humankind. Fashion is simply the most widespread form of communication in the world. Clothing and jewellery communicate not only an individual’s sense of taste, but also their social status and political affinities – from their hierarchical rank to their religious inclinations. Hardly any other form of communication comparable to fashion has influenced, shaped and subtly differentiated societies, down the annals of time to the present day, quite to such an extent.

2005 the international fashion convention will be held. This top-flight “World Fashion Forum”, is positioned and established as an institution serving the entire fashion industry, takes place in Europe.



The “World Fashion Forum” is the first and only worldwide business-forum where the entire fashion branch will meet, presents itself and get her information. The organisers will be offering this annual platform to convene a congregation of all the key players on the fashion scene. 


If you want to participate at the congress or position yourself as exhibitor, sponsor or speaker, please use the respective Contact forms of the different categories. You may also inquire further information with the info form . You can order congress admission cards directly here .

The Management Team you can
find here.


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