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  The World Fashion Forum

Who we are

Welcome to WorldFashionForum (WFF), the organisation that arms companies and organisations in the fields of fashion, textile, style and luxury goods with the knowledge and information they need to growth and thrive in the future world of their business, finance and investments. WFF is a platform through which the exchange of ideas, information and assistance leads to competition advantages.

The founders and the management team of WFF have many years of experience in organizing and promoting institutional finance & investment conferences and events.

As the specialists in our field, we have now become a source of business platform for the global fashion and luxury goods and financial community, with organizing international conferences and financial analysis.

The Alliances

Based on its reputation and quality, WFF organizes conferences and events in co-operation with different market leaders. The most notable of these market leaders is the University of Monaco with an special MBA in Luxury Goods. An other partner is EFAS (European Federation OF Financial Analyst Societies).

Additionally, WFF has established relationships with many leading industry information sources including Investment Groups, bancs, funds, business angles organisations, media groups and others.

The Network

A conference is the best way to growth the personal and the community network. The WFF conferences are not just about learning, they are also the best opportunity to meet the potential clients, generating new business and new relationships through the WFF provision of networking possibilities.

The Information

Because the core of any conference is its informational focus, the goal of WFF is to deliver timely, cutting edge information in a manner that is both stimulating. The WFF achieves this through a process of thorough, in-depth researches, permanent interviews of the top industries executives to identify the most contemporary contents.
Following profile analysis, interviews and research, the WFF create the most wanted list of top industry executives. 


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